People have a fundamental drive to learn. We have developed various methods that focus on learning as individuals. For instance, there is typical classroom learning, learning by observing another, learning by exploration, and learning by cross-referencing and examinging other things that have already been learned. In the socio-technical pattern langauge, we are focussing on collaborative learning methods. Some example patterns include:

Answer Garden

In this technique, invented by Mark Ackerman, experts agree to "tend" a particular portion of a growing knowledge tree at times that are convenient to them. Users first search for an answer to their question in a hierarchically organized FAQ file, but if they can't find an answer, they post their question on the answer node that is closest to their question. Later, the expert answers that question and "grows" the tree. Answer Garden

Narrative Insight Method

In this method, a small group of people gets together and exchanges stories about a topic. These stories are mined for educational materials that are fed back to the group.Narrative Insight Method

Collaborative Learning Patterns

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